My minidisc / MDS-S30 page

Introduction and background

This page is a collection of miscellaneous pieces of information regarding my experiences with minidiscs and minidisc players/recorders. I own a Sony MDS-S30 deck which I inherited in non-working order in mid-2000, and therefore most of this information will be somewhat specific to Sony models, the MDS-S30 in particular. Having carried out the necessary repairs myself the unit is now functioning very well.

These repairs were not without dramas though - see this page for a full description of what I had to go through, and how an authorised Sony repair centre reacted to one particular fault. For those with similar models, you may wish to check out my repair tips page for notes I made during my exercise.

When faced with a fault...

Given my experiences as detailed elsewhere, the following suggestions may help when a minidisc deck develops a fault. Note, however, that if you do not have a technical background you will need to take it to a service centre without attempting any of the following. In any case, when using a repair centre it is a good idea to verify the operation of the unit at the centre both when you submit it for work and when it is collected afterwards. This is especially important if the unit works perfectly well except for one or two specific functions.


This section will be expanded in due course. For now, I can recommend The minidisc community - they have lots of information about many models, usage tips and more. Well worth checking out!

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