Prime 2C based MultiIO card details


Following on from my earlier pages in connection with `Prime 3b'-based multi-IO cards, Ian Hamilton has provided scanned copies of a manual for an IO card based on a Goldstar `Prime 2C' chip. Its full name is an `AI-1078E Super (Enhanced)' card.

To help identify the board, Ian also sent some photos of the component side and solder side of his board. These photos have been reduced in size by me to be more manageable for people; however, the original 1280x1204 scans are also available: component side, solder side.

13 March 2002: Derk Wachner mailed me to say that the FCC ID on a `Prime2C' card he has is `KJDKEN-IDEPLUS4', which matches the FCC ID of the Prime3B card I had. His card is manufactured by Kentech Computers, has a `Goldstar Prime 2C' (9413) chip on it and carries a warranty label of `4/94 KT 4863924'. A scanned copy of the manual for this card is provided below.

4 May 2002: J. Cruz Rincon M. has emailed a picture he took of his Prime2C-based `KJDKEN-IDEPLUS4' IO card. It appears that this may be the same model card as Derk has.

Specifications and jumper use on the AI-1078E MultiIO card

The manual for this card comprised two sheets: page 1 and page 2. I have reduced the size and the number of colours in these scans to make them more manageable. The original scans from Ian are also available: page 1 and page 2. Note that these are large (1102x1463). If anyone has trouble viewing these scans due to their large size, please let me know and I'll transcribe the contents into a more manageable form.

Specifications and jumper use on the Prime2c-based IDEPLUS4 card

Derk has supplied scans of the `manual' for this card. Again, it was simply a two sided leaflet: page 1 and page 2. These scans have high resolution; I hope to transcribe the important information to soon. In the meantime, the scans are available for those who wish to use them.

Conclusion and acknowledgements

Hopefully the provision of this information can help people who still regularly use these cards to provide extra IO on PCs. If anyone has further information to add to this document, please email me (jwoithe at this domain).

Thanks are due to Ian Hamilton and Derk Wachner for providing much of the information contained in this page, and to J. Cruz Rincon M. for providing a picture of his card. Please note that I do not personally own any "Prime 2C"-based cards.

Jonathan Woithe
23 August 2001
Revised: 13 March 2002, 17 May 2002